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Simplify your calculations

Omerus is an iOS app designed for business professionals, students and academics.

Packed full of features

  • Clear focus

    Our minimalist design lets you focus on your calculations, rather than on the calculator itself.

  • Natural gestures

    Perform complex operations more naturally with intuitive hand gestures.

  • Multiple Worksheets

    Support multiple projects by using worksheets. Move back and forth between different worksheets with ease.

  • Reuse numbers

    Quickly reuse numbers from previous calculations by simply tapping them.

  • Edit and re-arrange

    Easily edit previous calculations or re-arrange their order to maintain a clear work flow.

  • Share notes

    Share your worksheet as a PDF with your clients, co-workers or students.

See it in action

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More about us

The Team

Omerus is developed by the team at ShoutEx, a growing startup located in Waterloo, Canada.

We are constantly looking for new talent that thrives in the startup culture. If this piques your interest, then check out the careers section of the ShoutEx site.