The Clock Face

At 3 o'clock, the angle formed between the two hands is 90 degrees.

What is the angle formed by the hands at exactly 3:15?

The Solution

To solve this question, you’ll have to visualize the clock hands at 3:15.

At 3:15, the minute hand would be exactly at the 3-hour marker. Since a quarter of an hour has passed, the hour hand moves ¼ away from the 3-hour on its way to the 4-hour marker. There are 12 hour-markers on the clock-face, and each hour-marker must be 30 degrees (360 degrees divided by 12). And ¼ of 30 degrees is 7.5 degrees. So that’s the angle formed between the two hands at exactly 3:15.

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How to solve with Omerus?

You can break this problem down, line by line using Omerus as shown below:

360 / 12 = 30

Degrees in a circle divided by 12 hours = 30 degrees in 1 hour

15 / 60 = 0.25

15 mins divided by 60 mins = 0.25 (the ratio the hour hand has moved from 3 towards 4)

30 x 0.25 = 7.5

Degrees in 1 hour x the amount the hand has moved = 7.5 degrees